Review 2021:
CMT Inc has had a remarkable year for 2021, despite raw material shortages at most of our customers.
The sales team and all employees pulled together to finished with a year over year growth rate of 9%.
This growth has been attributed to new projects and customers. Our loyal returning customers had
seen a 12% decline in orders form 2019 numbers which is spread out across all industries. Most of the
downturn in our retuning numbers are a direct result from the microchip shortage. CMT Inc. was posed
over the last few years to take advantage of the reshoring of the past few years. We wish to thank all of
our new and especially our loyal returning customers though our continued partnership we all succeed.

Equipment upgrades:
2021 was a year of refurbishment, We at CMT INC has concentrated in refurbishing our existing
equipment more so than buying new equipment. We took the holidays in the summer and winter to
rebuild 5 Molding presses rebushing and aligning these presses give us greater precision and reliability.
During these rebuilds we also took this as an opportunity to update some of the electrical and control
systems. This is all part of our 10 year plan to complete the rebuilding and updating all of our

Thank you:
We wish to thank all of our customers and service providers, together as we work together moving
forward because as you grow we grow.

Tim Smith
President CMT Inc.