Why Powdered Metal?

There are many advantages to choosing powdered metal for your product.

The PM process provides a host of advantages over competing metalworking technologies. These all add up to cost

effectiveness, shape and material flexibility, application versatility, and part-to-part uniformity for improved product quality.

Advantages of the PM Process

    • Eliminates or minimizes machining by producing parts at, or close to, final dimensions
    • Eliminates or minimizes scrap losses by typically using more than 97% of the starting raw material in the finished part
    • Permits a wide variety of alloy systems
    • Produces quality surface finishes
    • Provides materials and alloy systems suited for your exact needs which may be heat treated for increased strength or increased wear resistance
    • Provides controlled porosity for self-lubrication or filtration
    • Facilitates manufacture of complex or unique shapes which would be impractical or impossible with other metalworking processes
    • Is suited to moderate- to high-volume component production requirements
    • Offers long-term performance reliability in critical applications
    • Most cost effective way in which to manufacture your product